Xiaomi Mi Max Teardown

By | May 17, 2016

On May 10, Xiaomi officially released its new flagship phone – Xiaomi Mi Max.

There are three versions in total. The top version has a Snapdragon 652 chipset, 4GB of RAM and 128GB storage. There’s a 3GB/64GB option as well. The most affordable model uses the Snapdragon 650 instead and has 3GB of RAM and 32GB storage.

Xiaomi Mi Max uses a 6.44-inch screen. The screen is housed in a metal unibody that measures 7.5mm thick. The size, plus the massive 4850mAh battery, push the weight to a hefty 203g.

Today, we will take apart a Xiaomi Mi Max to explore its internal structure.
Specification: Snapdragon 652 + 4GB RAM + 64GB RAM

Xiaomi Mi Max support Micro SIM + Nano SIM, and Micro SIM + TF card, support up to 128GB expansion card.

Here’s Xiaomi Mi Max SIM card tray.

Open up the back cover with your fingernails. Be careful, the fingerprint recognition module still connecting to the motherboard.

Here’s Xiaomi Mi Max fingerprint recognition module, manufactured by O-Film Tech Co.,Ltd.

With the back cover was removed, you can get access to the internal components.

The motherboard is covering by a one-piece metal shield.
Remove all screws securing the metal shield.
One screw is covering by Xiaomi’s fragile stickers, if you damage it, you will avoid warranty.

Remove the metal shield.

Remove all screws securing the sound chamber on the bottom.
Remove one screw securing the PCB board.
Remove the PCB board and vibrator from its body.

The PCB board integrated an antenna signal overflow outlet, a microphone and a MicroUSB port.
Perhaps due to lower costs, Xiaomi Mi max did not use Type-c port.

The main chips are concentrated on the motherboard, because the phone uses Qualcomm 652 processor, with higher integration. Xiaomi Mi max motherboard is very neat, and we found an empty welding position. It’s should be reserved for the NFC chip.

The camera department boasts a 16MP shooter with dual-LED flash and a 5MP selfie camera (with an 85° lens).
The main camera is assembled by O-Film. The front camera comes from Q-Tech.

The battery fixed on the body by two stretchable tapes. So remove the battery is pretty easy.

Xiaomi Mi Max features a 3.85V, 4850mah Li-polymer battery, Xiaomi part number: BM49.

In front of the motherboard, there is a sticker and graphite grease covering the CPU.
Remove four metal shields.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 + Samsung 4GB RAM
Toshiba 64GB ROM
Qualcomm PM8004 power management chip
Qualcomm PM8956 power management chip
Qualcomm PM8952 power management chip
Qualcomm WCD9326 audio decoder chip

Qualcomm WCN36803 Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM chip
Skyworks 85709 Wi-Fi amplifier
Qualcomm WTR2965 RF chip
Verizon RF7460 chip

Samsung 4GB RAM

Toshiba 64GB ROM

6 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi Max Teardown

  1. agung

    i would like to ask where is the test point spot on mi max mother board?? cos my mi max hard brick, thank yuo

  2. ajie

    How did you open the back case/cover for this mi max? Did you use a suction? If you can make a video for that I would really appreciate that. Thanks.

  3. Chellai Visweswara Sarma

    Can we remove back cover of MI Max without removing sim tray.How can we remove Sim card tray when it consists of micro sim and nano sim with SD card and tray is stucked.

    1. Amirul

      Have you fixed the stucked tray? I’ve got the same problem as well. Instead, I used a nano sim on the micro sim slot. Made a diy adapter for it. Works fine at first and can be ejected with no problem. But now its stuck. Its still work fine though. Its just that now I cant switch sim or sd card.


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